New Builds in Brentwood

Has it always been your dream to build your house from scratch?

A home that no one has ever lived in before that is completely fresh, brand new and with your stamp on it. Or maybe you have some land that you would like to turn into an investment opportunity. We can help you turn that dream into a reality with the best new builds in Brentwood and East London.

You have probably heard of the many horror stories about new builds in Brentwood. The poor workmanship, low-quality materials used etc. This is often because they are carried out by large development companies that focus on bulk buying materials and hiring trades teams at the lowest rates. By enticing trades with volume of work, often the quality of the work is very poor as they are rushing to get as much done as possible to finish projects and get paid. 

new builds in Brentwood and East London

At Turnkey Contractors, we are different and our focus will be on giving you the best quality new-build project possible:

We take care of the finest details from start to completion to ensure you get that perfect new home you have always wanted.

We manage everything on the build and offer full end-to-end service, all the way from design to build.

We have dedicated project managers to ensure everything is completed to your specifications.

We use only the best quality materials and our highly skilled team makes sure that the finish is top quality.

We understand the necessity of timely construction and handovers.

All of this means that you will be left with a new build as beautiful as you imagined, on budget and completed to the highest standard.

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