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Commercial to Residential

Often highlighted on renovation programs, converting a commercial property to be used as residential space is becoming more and more common. Not only does this provide much needed residential homes, but also can be used to rejuvenate and regenerate the British high street.

If you are an aspiring property developer and are not sure where to begin, we have the expertise to help. At Turnkey Contractors, we understand that to gain the benefits from this kind of development it’s important to mitigate any risks and ensure that the conversion results in a high-quality home.

For example, did you know that to meet standards:

You may require planning permission to convert the property.

All new dwellings must conform to national space standards.

All rooms must have adequate natural light.

Turnkey Contractors offer an end-to-end service, to work with you right from the planning and design phases, all the way through to the build. No two properties are the same, so we look at each building individually to make the best use of the space. Our team of highly skilled tradespeople provide expert craftsmanship and years of experience, to get you the high-class result you want.

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