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I worked with Turnkey Building Contractors LTD recently on the renovation of a customer's home which they felt needed a completely new and modern look, and I was extremely happy with the results.

Some of the many services required were the installation of new bathrooms, kitchens, windows, underfloor heating, and roof lights, as well as the restoration of the roof and other areas of the building. These services were all completed by Turnkey Building Contractors LTD to the highest quality and in the most efficient and effective manner.

I have found with contractors in the past that the timing of the work can be difficult to coordinate, however, with Turnkey Building Contractors, this was not an issue. They were incredibly flexible and worked around my hours while still doing an exceptional job. I will definitely be working with Turnkey Building Contractors again in the future.

David Parker 
62 Havering Drive, RM1 4BH.

I heard about Turnkey Building Contractors from a friend of mine, and I was sure it sounded too good to be true. I had to find out for myself if this contracting service was as good as it sounded, and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. 

I had a building project that I needed to be completed quickly and properly, and Turnkey Building Contractors did exactly that. From preparing parts of the property for renovation, to organising short meetings and ensuring the project was completed to the level of quality required, every part of this contracting service was perfect from start to finish.

Joseph Ward
189 Barnet Road

I looked into some of the services offered by Turnkey Building Contractors LTD recently and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of services available. Furthermore, after receiving some of these services I was extremely happy with the results. Turnkey Building Contractors completely refurbished the ground floor or a property I was restoring as well as installing a new driveway and garden area. Additionally, they completed all of this work both quickly and efficiently while also delivering to the quality standards I was promised. With the level of quality provided every time and the professionalism of the workers, I would happily recommend Turnkey Building Contractors to anyone looking to design or renovate any home or property

Mary Anne
64 Bullwell Crescent