Turnkey Contractors

About Ilford's Best Builders

Turnkey Building Contractors is a family run construction company based in North London and Essex covering London and the surrounding areas.

We have been working in the
construction industry for many years and built a extensive experience in the industry,

and therefore we understand how difficult and stressful it can be at times to complete a renovation or construction of a property. With many building companies, you may find that you will be faced with delays, problems and issues throughout the project. This can be incredibly frustrating for anyone as this can lead to the completion date of the project being continuously pushed back again and again. We pride ourselves on getting the work done in the correct amount of time using the correct amount of people for a job so we can get the homeowner back comfortably in there nice new home. 

We have a wealth of experience in our team so we can easily handle all extensions and new builds. Traditional building methods or new construction types we are able to handle it all.  

Ultimately it is our goal to ensure anyone with a dream to create the perfect home for themselves, their customers or simply a family looking for their dream home is capable of doing so and you will find it incredibly easy to work with us.